Residents consulted on policing costs

Friday 27 December 2019

Hertfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner David Lloyd is asking residents for their views on plans to increase the policing precept of next year's Council Tax bills.

Mr Lloyd said: "One of my most important responsibilities as your Police and Crime Commissioner is setting the police budget for the year ahead. My priority is maintaining an effective force that keeps people safe, while ensuring an efficient use of tax-payers money.

"It is paramount to continue to protect frontline police officer numbers, and that the Chief Constable has sufficient resources to tackle crime and prevent people becoming victims.

"A delay caused by the General Election means that at this stage I am not able to give you the usual full information on my proposed budget, but I am giving you as much as I can.

"My plan is to raise the precept by enough to avoid cuts when we are working to expand the force. I expect I will be able to do this whilst remaining within the referendum limits set by the government.

"Hertfordshire is getting a significantly larger police force and the costs of running it will go up proportionately. There are also the standstill pressures, including inflation and statutory pay rises that need to be budgeted for.

"When we get the final figures from the Government I will give more details on my proposals. In the meantime I want to hear your views and comments to help me determine whether this is the right strategy for Hertfordshire."

Every year the Commissioner has a duty to consult with the public about his budget plans for the Constabulary. But due to the General Election the amount of money being given to the Constabulary from central funding and the rules over how much the precept can be increased, have not yet been announced.

Residents can complete a short online survey at or send comments to

The consultation closes on Thursday 9th January 2020.

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