Exhibition fuses modern and vintage photography

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Local photographer Dave Shrimpton is exhibiting a collection of photographs that he has taken using modern and vintage cameras, at the Ware Arts Centre later this month.

Out of the Ether, on 26-27 November, takes visitors on a journey though time, showing a mix of digital, film and wet-plate photographs - images printed onto glass and tin plates using methods from the 1850s.

Dave, who is co-founder and creative director of Black Dog Creative in Ware says, "My passion for photography started back in the 1970s. In my work I have really appreciated the digital revolution and the quality of images and creative possibilities now open to everyone - but instant photography has its downsides.

"Nowadays being able to quickly take loads of pictures and delete what we don’t like means that photos are seen as disposable. I became nostalgic for the golden era of film when every shot mattered and we had a greater connection to our photos, so I decided to wind back the clock. I started trying out vintage film cameras and fell in love with wet-plate photography.

"It's all about appreciating photographs as physical objects that take time and skill to create. By reviving the technology from the past and through this exhibition I want people to people to experience the magic of vintage photography and the unique quality of its prints."

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Visitors will be able to enjoy Dave’s unique collection of photographs, which are a real fusion of modern and vintage, and see the vintage cameras he uses to create them.

'Out of the Ether' is open from 10am to 4.30pm on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27Â November. Entry is free.

The exhibition, presented in association with the Southern Maltings Group, shows the type of innovative and creative work people can look forward to as part of the extended Ware Arts Centre.

Find out more about Out of the Ether at www.wareartscentre.org.uk/events

Dave Shrimpton can be contacted through his website www.daveshrimpton.co.uk or by phone on 07799 768104.Â

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