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Would a micropub be well received in Ware?

PostPosted: Sat 17 Feb 2018 11:57 pm
by VicarageRoader
Just wondering what peoples thoughts on this would be?

There's obviously a local appetite for good quality and varied real ales, judging by the ongoing success of both of the Beer Festivals at the Arts Centre in April & at Fletchers Lea in July.

I've been living in Ware since 2002 and personally I feel that although we have many pubs in and around the High Street, they tend to sell generic mainstream beers which are is all well and good and I'm pleased people enjoy them.

I've been in The Mixer and they offer something different and have some good quality craft beers.

I suppose the big question is, are there enough people like me that would use a micropub to make it sustainable?

Re: Would a micropub be well received in Ware?

PostPosted: Mon 19 Feb 2018 8:34 am
by Andy B
That's a big question?
I think looking back at the history of Ware's ale houses shows its own story with them coming and going.
Those that I can remember that have gone: -

The French Horn.
The Cannon.
The Bell which has had many variants.
The Wine Lodge.
The John Gilpin.
The pub opposite the station (The Railway Tavern?).

I'm sure many others can be thought of but why did they go or get taken over it there are many pubs it'll have to be something special to survive.

Re: Would a micropub be well received in Ware?

PostPosted: Tue 20 Feb 2018 4:51 pm
by kevin phillips bong
I think a micro pub would work as they are different to other drink establishments in Ware. The ones I've been in tend to be quiet, real ales out the barrel, fairly priced, Belgium beers, real ciders plus other drinks like Craft, bottles.

Andy B - the pubs you mention that are shut (Bell excepted) are all Muckmullens - partly due to greed over price of their products and no ale choice (Greedy King now have genuine guest ales and their pubs are a success).

Will I be able to declare Ware an AK free zone in my lifetime!!??

Re: Would a micropub be well received in Ware?

PostPosted: Wed 21 Feb 2018 9:58 pm
by Andy B
Strangely KPB I totally agree with you on Mc Mullen's ales but their brewery tour was the best, and I've done a few, which may have been down to the excellent Dennis Ruttlidge (I hope I have his name and spelling correct) the tours ended when Dennis retired. After the tour we always went to the Crossed Keys which being a Free House had the good beers we enjoy.
Along with a friend we always said that a pub/cafe that sold good beers like you suggest along with good coffee with a few light food options could be successful in Ware but were never brave enough to take the plunge although I still believe that it would be a brave man to invest in such an establishment.