Boarded up Flats, Gladstone Road

What do you think about the quality and pace of housing development in Ware?
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Boarded up Flats, Gladstone Road

Post by craig »

Does anyone know why the flats on Gladstone Road were boarded up? It was done several months ago and there has been little or no activity there since.
I'm sure it was social housing.
What do you know?

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Re: Boarded up Flats, Gladstone Road

Post by Matt40 »

Didn't they kick out some unsatisfactory (I like the way my spell check changed from 'unsavoury' to 'unsatisfactory' :D ) tenants from there? Not a reason to board a place up as well though.

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Re: Boarded up Flats, Gladstone Road

Post by trev »

If I remember correctly, someone correct me if I am wrong, those flats were originally sheltered accomodation for the elderly. Then later, the University of Hertfordshire took them over and they were housing, possibly halls of residence, for students.

They have been empty for a long time now, a few years at least! I have no idea what is going to happen to them.

Not much help really, I am afraid, but it's been a while so I thought it high time I posted!

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