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Rankin House - License application

Posted: Fri 12 Jul 2019 1:18 pm
by jbond
There's a licensing application in for the new bar in Rankin House between the Punch House and Tudor Square. They are asking for late night opening and outdoor music.
Mon-Thur 12:30pm
Fri-Sat 1:30am
Sun 11:59pm
Outdoor Music: 10am - 11pm

The problem with this is that although this is on the high street, it's also surrounded by residential homes. it's anything up to 90 minutes later than anything else in the area. And if this is the last bar open it will encourage people to move from the other many drinking places to this as each one closes.

Outdoor music is Ok on special occasions but not 10am-11pm all day every day. Music inside the bar with adequate sound proofing is one thing. Music outside is quite another. Outdoor music in this area is just not appropriate. I seem to remember that Jacobys used to do this, but have now stopped.

If you have a comment or want to object, you can do it online here by 30-July-2019. ... plications ... BFKGL05M00