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Late night shopping & opening hours

PostPosted: Tue 08 Sep 2015 5:46 pm
by brettcahill21
Hi everybody, I'm Brett, owner of Casita Bonita on the High Street. I'm new to WareOnline so please be gentle :)

My first question is to ask your opinions about my opening hours. Currently I'm open 10 till 5 Tuesday to Saturday. I opened for the first couple of Mondays and did very little business so have remained closed on Mondays since and use it as my admin and stock replenishing day. Sunday is a tricky one. No retailer on the High Street seems to open Sunday, but I wonder if Casita could become a destination shop and bring people out with the intention of coming to shop with us?! I also wonder if a late night opening could work, maybe Thursday until 7pm for example, as I've had a few of commuters tell me it would work for them.

Any thoughts?

Re: Late night shopping & opening hours

PostPosted: Wed 09 Sep 2015 7:53 am
by The Masked Woler
Monday has always been the quiet day in town so you are probably right not to open.
Opening hours, might be worth trying opening later one day particularly in the run up to Christmas (which seems to start about August now).
Ware has never been much for Sunday opening but the number going for morning coffee seems to be growing with the increase in coffee shops so it might be viable now at least until around lunchtime maybe.

Re: Late night shopping & opening hours

PostPosted: Wed 09 Sep 2015 8:06 am
by Aardvaark
Not much to add, except I wasn't sure exactly when you are open. I don't know if you now have anything displayed but whenever I pass by it's usually before 10am and you have always been closed. Now that I know what your hours are, I will pop in and have a look. A late-night opening might be useful - but I don't think anyone else opens then and you might find that tired commuters struggling home after their daily battle with our train service aren't in the mood for shopping! I would have thought Sunday mornings would be a better bet - as Masked Wolfer said there now seems to be a thriving coffee/brunch trade in the town and Byrons Deli now also opens on Sunday mornings.

Re: Late night shopping & opening hours

PostPosted: Wed 09 Sep 2015 10:14 am
by brettcahill21
Thanks guys, all noted. Will order my opening hours sign and get it on the door asap. Sunday morning is an interesting one, I might give that a go.