The Southern Maltings

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The Southern Maltings

Post by RichardH »

Now the Southern Maltings has been up and running for a little while, can I just say what a great venue it is? I should say that I have an interest as I have been involved in a few of the music events, but if you enjoy live bands then do try and get down there and support The Maltings. They have great beer on tap at very good prices, and there have been some great nights.

There have also been some other excellent events going on - art exhibitions, interactive film screenings, a science weekend, Rock Choir performances, bring your own vinyl evenings....

Keep an eye on what is going on via their Facebook page. There is also a website for those who avoid the dreaded Facebook - or just keep an eye out for posters around the town advertising what is going on.

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Re: The Southern Maltings

Post by trev »

I couldn't agree more Richard - well said that man!

I think that the most encouraging aspect is that the current group running the show have the drive, ambition and creativity to make it work. But there is always room for more people to come up with ideas and help. Get involved people and see the fruits of your labour give satisfaction to so many others.

I'll be there this Friday evening as I think there is a band playing that I particularly like!

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