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Hertford RFC v Guernsey RFC result

Posted: Thu 29 Jan 2015 3:49 am
by Andy B
After a weeks rest its back into action with a home game welcoming for maybe the last time for a season Guernsey RFC, Guernsey are having a rough time of it this season and being the most popular away game of the league is not going to help them. The away leg back in October brought a 20 - 15 win and was at the beginning of a change of fortunes for Hertford, the teams currently above them in the league have tougher games, on paper, and with Guernsey residing at the bottom of the table a Hertford win should be expected.

Re: Hertford RFC v Guernsey RFC result

Posted: Sat 31 Jan 2015 8:31 pm
by Andy B
It seems I should not expect anything and maybe Hertford's trips across the channel to Guernsey mean a lot to them!
The conditions at Hoe Lane were far from ideal but is seems Guernsey were able to deal with them better than Hertford and managed to score the only try of the game which left Hertford trailing for some time. Two penalties put Hertford in front by a singe point which was where they were till the last minute of the game when Guernsey broke out of their twenty two and managed to get into penalty range which Hertford then obliged them with an infringement, three points from the penalty gave Guernsey the win by two points, 6 - 8, and lift themselves off the bottom of the table by a singe place whereas Hertford are no longer fourth and drop two places to sixth.
The season is never over till its over as they say and for Hertford to benefit from the end of season leagues reshuffle they need to be in the top four or so I am told? Guernsey are not dead and buried if they keep the momentum going and lift themselves another two places they could survive but with the fore mentioned reshuffle it does not necessarily mean they will be in the same league as Hertford.