Hertford RFC v London Irish Wild Geese RFC

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Hertford RFC v London Irish Wild Geese RFC

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The top of table London Irish Wild Geese (LIWG) had lost just a single game this season and that was at home to Hertford so LIWG's away game at Hoe Lane was going to be a revenge game which on their current form was a possibility. Hertford came out firing on all guns and really took the game to LIWG closing them down at every opportunity so as halftime came up Hertford were 17 - 11 up. The second half started as the first left off with Hertford the dominant side the score remained the same till just six minutes from the end when Hertford increased their lead to 25 - 11 then with four minutes remaining LIWG score and convert to 25 - 18 and with everyone holding their breath Hertford were penalised and the resulting set play from LIWG a try and conversion a 25 - 25 draw the final result. This was the fourth draw of LIWG's season and Hertford's only one to date but oh so close to that win!
LIWG obviously remain top and Hertford consolidate fifth with a chance of making it fourth from the final two games of the season but that'll depend on Westcombe Park's results in their final games.

The final away game of the season takes Hertford to Chichester where Hertford are looking for a double win. Kickoff 3 pm.

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