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phone scam

Postby Mel » Wed 05 Jul 2017 5:40 am

We had a phone call on Sunday morning from a man accusing my husband of bumping his car in the car park of the Feathers on Saturday night. He was told that we weren't there full stop. The call was repeated on Monday morning when my husband told the chap he didn't drive any more so it wasn't him. If he wanted to report it to the police then go ahead we would welcome a chance to make a statement. I've since found out that this is probably a scam so please be aware. We emailed the local PCSO's on Monday (not had a reply yet!), tried phoning 101 and was advised to use live web chat. i tried that but gave up in frustration far too complicated. Finally yesterday I reported in via an online form. Got a reply last night advising us to report it to Action Fraud so that is what we'll do.
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