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Re: Swans

Postby Andy B » Mon 13 Jul 2015 10:26 pm

kevin phillips bong wrote:Yee gods lefties out again - I don't read any papers 'cause they all have their own opinions which is fine 'cause we live in a democracy ware people are entitled to a point of view unlike 'wonderful communism'. (I am an ethnic minority by the way).

My source about the swan prosecutions come from river wardens who patrol the Lea from Enfield to hertford.

I believe you KPB.
I was also told that carp are being taken as its a favoured dish in Poland, carp fishers always return their catch and some of the fish even have names but some stocks are being depleted.
This is not being anti-immigrant as I am one although in a different country, "its just the facts ma'am just the facts".
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