Whats Happening?

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Andy B
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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Andy B »

The site relies on its members for content and if the members place no content then there will be nothing to gain from visiting the site so please post away.
There should be no fear of verbal abuse as the Moderators watch over the site, even from New Zealand, and with the current policy it is not allowed so as long as we treat each other with respect and appreciate we all have varying views interesting discussions can take place.
I believe Ware Online is unique and I have not seen another site that operates in the same way, Hertford is included in that statement.

david c
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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by david c »

Hi All

I still visit regularly to see what's going on despite moving away, albeit not too far.

Would be a shame to see things close as I very much dislike FB and the likes.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by jbond »

Sadly I think phpBB style forums are coming to an end. Which is a shame as they're richer in function for communities than Facebook or Twitter. The problem though is that Facebook is where the people are now. And without people and engagement, this forum will fade away.

Spotted is mildly entertaining but it's all over the place with no categorising. There are single issue groups like "Save Ware's Green Belt" but that's just one issue among many. FB really doesn't have a way of drawing together everything about Ware, with manageable sub-categories.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by RichardH »

Forums (fora?) do still have a life in this Facebook era world, but it needs a critical mass od active members to keep them bubbling away. I would be sad to see WOL go but am as guilty as anyone of not posting here, despite dropping by regularly.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Mel »

Well said Andy - if only everyone behaved like that!

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Mancunian »

Andy B,

actually it was a Mod who did it and who wasn't very nice so sorry to say that...

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Steve »

jbond wrote:Sadly I think phpBB style forums are coming to an end.
I think they still have a place in specialised fields, especially technical. Product support forums are still popular, as is the like of PPRUNE, Mumsnet and Stackoverflow. However, locally based forums do struggle to get a critical mass.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Pat-H »

I sadly agree. I think this style of forum isn't the way forward.
FB is popular because the moderation is behind the scenes and not actioned by active participants.
I think people prefer a more fluid evolving way to communicate and that's why they move that way.
I think even if people tried WOL they would find it too restrictive compared to all the other social mediums out there.

The few times a year I consider posting on WOL I struggle to workout which section it should be, certain in the knowledge that if I get it wrong I'll get berated online.
So if in doubt I just don't.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Matt40 »

I don't have much to add which hasn't been mentioned. This type of forum isn't as popular as it used to be but I still like to post or log on here sometimes as it's more polite here and full of grown ups rather than spotted in ware where you might get the answer you wanted but you have to suffer such verbal abuse to get there. It'd be nice to have more traffic here like the olden days.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by JudieT »

I agree with most of the above - never seem to have time to read/post/engage, but miss reading posts on here and would like to see it continue in whatever form.

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