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Re: Whats Happening?

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Pat-H wrote:
Andy B wrote:
Pat-H wrote: The few times a year I consider posting on WOL I struggle to workout which section it should be, certain in the knowledge that if I get it wrong I'll get berated online.
So if in doubt I just don't.
I doubt what you say Pat as the worst that would happen is a Mod would place the post in the correct section but at the end of the day its never been a big issue.
FB moderation just does not happen so you'll get berated by anyone on there even if they have nothing to do with the comments and do I need to see what someone is having for lunch or drunks falling over its just full of rubbish at least by having sections its easy to check for updates.

Just post away but don't abuse other who may have a different opinion to you.
That hasn't been my experience in the past. And when I talk (in person) to the many of lurkers who read but won't post most say the same. They don't feel its a place you can place in comfort.
What surprises me is that people say they will not post to WOL and yet a majority are happy to use FB which being impersonal has it seems not regulation to posts at all. I still stand by what I said and the moderators are doomed either way if they moderate they are wrong and if what you are saying is true Pat we're wrong when we don't? Confusing.

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