Whats Happening?

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Mary L
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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Mary L »

I too am not a fan of FB, check WOL every day to read the Forum, would hate to see it go.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by FurtiveBertie »

Still around...

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by ware_resident »

FB’s full of wingers asking stupid questions. WOL is never like that !

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Mel »

I'm still checking most days

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Wickenlady »

We still look, even though we have moved away!

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Northsider »

Still browse a few times a week.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Jethro »

I still check most days, but it's disappointing how few new posts appear - is it simply that there are no topics of interest or is Facebook the sole culprit? I personally would prefer to get local views from WOLers via the forum. (Some of the past mud-slinging could be quite entertaining as well! :o ).

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by jbond »

The main website seems to be seriously broken. http://wareonline.co.uk/ Almost all the links go to 404 not found. eg http://wareonline.co.uk/council/default.asp

If this forum has ground to a halt, where on Facebook are the equivalent discussions happening? Are we talking about "Spotted in Ware"?

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Mancunian »

yes s.i.w is where most have gone and to be honest apart from the few foul mouthed people on there it's where you can at least find out stuff happening as there have been quite a few things happened in and around ware over some time yet never appeared on this forum, i personally do have a nosey on here a couple times a week but hardly post now as i was personally attacked by someone on here quite a while ago an thought F*** it why bother.

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Re: Whats Happening?

Post by Scouter »

I'm still here and if I were to visit Spotted in Ware I'd want to wipe my feet on the way out! Craig I think you've done' a fab job with this site (and Steve has with the Hertford one too I s'pose :) ).

I personally think that the feel of this forum really is a local one and not some gobby thing out in the ether. As well as the pull of Facebook I felt that there was a drop off of membership when the site transferred to a new server some time ago and we all had to sign up again...Maybe I'm wrong.

I would suggest that there is a huge market still out there and whilst I have no clue how much a leaflet drop costs is it worth crowdfunding one to bring the forum to Ware's attention? Maybe the Mercury could chip in seeing as they have cruised the pages on a regular basis :lol:

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